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About Us

Why Your Future Greater Binghamton?

Your Future streamlines connections, communication and collaboration among Students, Educators and Business Professionals in order to develop a thriving local workforce. The website promotes career-based learning opportunities which provide a continuum of activities in and outside the classroom for Students to bring relevance to their education and enhance their academic and career plans.

Employer Benefits

  • A streamlined process for connectingcommunicating and collaborating with educators, students and parents
  • A platform to tell your company/organization story in front of students and educators 
  • An opportunity to be a part of building a better prepared workforce
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Student Benefits

  • An outlet to connect the classroom to the real world
  • An understanding of the local business environment 
  • An opportunity to create an academic plan of study
  • Develop job skills relevant to future employment
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Educator Benefits

  • An improvement in student academics, attendance, and graduation
  • A platform to learn about the current and future labor market
  • A streamlined process for connecting with area businesses/organizations
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