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Academic and Career Planning

Step 1 – Know

Step 2 – Explore

Step 3 – Plan

Step 4 – Go!

Self awareness and understanding YOU

  • Self-assessment of interests and strengths
  • Reflection and goal-setting
  • Financial knowledge & understanding of resources
  • Academic courses & skill preparation
  • Behavioral & employability skill preparation

Your school provides the following tools to help you with this.

Career Exploration

  • High School career exploration activities and opportunities
    •   High School Career Expo
  • World of work and labor market needs
  • Understanding and comparing different post-secondary education & training
  • O*Net OnLine

Career Planning

  • How do you get there? Create your path!
  • Set goals, choose courses, join clubs & activities

Career Management

  • Execute your plan
  • Update your plan with new information & documentation in your electronic portfolio
  • Take advantage of conferencing & connecting with business professionals
  • Update and modify your Academic, Personal and Career Goals as necessary