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Hello, Employers

Get Involved and Engage Your Future Workforce

As a Business Professional, you’ve developed a profound skill set and knowledge in your industry. You understand what today’s workforce needs to succeed. You have experience that can educate and engage your FUTURE workforce.

Your Future Greater Binghamton provides employers an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with educators to enhance career-based learning opportunities and motivate Students as they discover their career passions. 

Create an account today to provide hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom, communicate needed aptitudes and support the journey for YOUR FUTURE workforce.

The first step is to register your business! There is a yearly fee of $100 to post your own opportunities (as many as you want!) or $350 if you would like GBEOP staff to manage your page and postings. There are also sponsorship opportunities available. To register your business, contact

The Process is Simple:

STEP 1 – Create an Account

Creating an account is simple! (NOTE: If your business is not currently registered on Your Future Greater Binghamton you will need to contact the Greater Binghamton Chamber team to get your school and business Admin account setup.)

  1. Click on Register in the top right of your screen. The registration form will then open. You will need to fully complete the form by correctly entering all of your information.
  2. Email – Enter your e-mail address.
  3. First Name – Enter your first name.
  4. Last Name – Enter your last name.
  5. User Type – Select BUSINESS from the dropdown menu.
  6. Business – Select your business from the dropdown menu. (NOTE: If your business is not listed here, please contact your designated Site Admin or the team at the Greater Binghamton Chamber by using the Contact form.)
  7. Review all of your entered information for misspellings and accuracy. Any incorrect information may result in your account not working correctly.
  8. Click REGISTER once complete.

STEP 2 – Get Approval

After you click REGISTER, an email will be automatically sent to your business’ dedicated Site Admin for approval of your Employer account. 

The Site Admin will verify your account in the email and you will then be sent a series of emails to access your account. If you DO NOT see any emails come through from Your Future Greater Binghamton, please check your SPAM or Junk folder in your email.

  1. The first email you receive after your account is verified will contain a website link (URL) for you to obtain your account password.
  2. After you click on the link, you will then receive a second email with your computer-generated password. This password will be long and tricky – you will have the opportunity to update the password to something you can remember once you log into your account.
  3. You can now access the website. Simply click on LOGIN in the upper right of your screen and enter your email address and computer-generated password.
  4. You now have access to post opportunities and download resources – ENJOY!

If you want to change your password once you are logged into your account, you can click on your name in the upper right and update your profile.

STEP 3 – Post a Student Opportunity

Utilize the site to post student opportunities, such as job shadows, internships, youth apprenticeships and more!

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Employers > Manage Student Opportunities
  3. Click New Opportunities
  4. Opportunity Title: enter a title for the student opportunity
  5. Job Description: enter a brief description for the student opportunity
  6. Clusters Dropdown: select up to 3 career clusters that most closely relate to the career-based learning experience
  7. Business: Your business name should automatically be populated in this field
  8. Category Filter: Select the appropriate category in the dropdown for the experience (Categories include:Beyond a Shadow, High School Part-time Employment, Informational Interview, Internship, Job Shadow, Other, Post High School Employment, Volunteer, Youth Apprenticeship)
  9. City: Enter the city for the location of the experience/your business
  10. Contact Name: Enter your first and last name in this field
  11. Phone: Enter a contact phone number for students to contact
  12. Email: Enter an email address for students to contact
  13. Not Available Between These Dates: (Optional) Enter a date range that the experience SHOULD NOT be available for students to explore and complete
  14. Requirements for the Opportunity: Enter any specific requirements related to the experience and/or to your organization that students should be aware of before they contact you.
  15. Draft – you can check this box if you’d like to save the post but not have it be visible for students to apply
  16. Click Save to complete the post.

STEP 4 – Assist an Educator

Post opportunities for an educator to contact you for assistance with:

  1. classroom
  2. curriculum
  3. interviews, mock and informational
  4. tours and on-site events