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Got Questions? We are here to help!

What is Your Future?

Your Future is an online platform which streamlines connections, communication, and collaboration among students, educators and business professionals in order to develop a thriving workforce. The platform enables career-based learning opportunities that provide a continuum of activities that are inside and outside the classroom for students to expand their self-awareness, as well as bring relevance to education and enhance their academic and career plans.

What are career-based learning experiences?

Career-based learning refers to a continuum of activities, both inside and outside the classroom, that provide opportunities for students to connect what they are learning in the classroom to the world of work, to learn about careers and the education and training requirements for occupations within and across industries, to identify career interests and aptitudes, to use the workplace for both learning and applying college, and career-readiness skills and knowledge.

What are career clusters?

Career clusters are a national classification of occupations grouped into 16 broad industries that are based upon common knowledge and skill sets. Career clusters are then divided into various pathways for occupations in those career fields.

What if I don’t see my occupation of interest listed among available opportunities?

If you do not see available opportunities in your specified career cluster, please contact our team at the Greater Binghamton Area Chamber at 607.296.2112 or by using the provided contact form. We are constantly working on ways to improve the user experience and ensure successes among all users: students, educators and business professionals, for building a thriving future workforce.

What type of opportunities are available for students?

The following opportunities are available for students: job shadow, informational interview, beyond a shadow, high school part-time employment, internship, post-high school employment, volunteer, and youth apprenticeship.

What type of opportunities are available for educators in Your Future?

The following opportunities are available to educators: classroom guest speakers, financial literacy day participation, mock/exit interviews, tours, and on-site events.

Who can create a profile in Your Future?

Students, educators and employers seeking to collaborate and communicate in order to foster career-based learning experiences can create profiles and opportunities within the website.

How much personal information is shown in my profile?

Personal information for students is not accessible to any users. Once educators or employers are logged into the site, the only information that may be obtained is name, e-mail, and phone number. This information cannot be accessed if the user is not registered to use Your Future.

What is a Job Shadow?

A job shadow is a career-based learning experience that allows students to visit a business professional on-site to observe a typical work day; approximately three to four hours in order to gain further exposure to a career of interest. Job shadows give students an opportunity to ask specific questions about a particular field of work and can expand their professional network of contacts.

What should I expect during a job shadow?

The following outline of events gives you an idea of what your job shadow experience may consist of. (Keep in mind that everyone’s experience will vary.) -Introductions -Tour of organization -Information about specific job/career field -Student’s questions -Shadow time (observe work, attend meetings and meet other colleagues) -Thank-you and good-byes

What is “Beyond a Shadow”?

Beyond a Shadow is a mini-mentoring opportunity for students who are serious about a particular career with four to six visits to a business professional’s work site.

Can I view a list of all participating businesses?

Yes, all registered users can access a list of participating businesses once they are logged into the site. Simply click on ‘Meet our Companies’ in the top navigation menu bar under one of the user headers (Student, Parent, Educator, Employer).

Whom do I contact if I find a problem or if a function is not working correctly on the site?

We recommend that you first contact the Site Administrator from your school or business. Then, please contact our team at the Greater Binghamton Chamber to assist with the issue and find a solution via the provided contact form on the site.